Get hagrid on any webpage with JavaScript

Hey, so you want to get hagrid on a page in your website. Great! 
And you just want to do it with a couple of minutes on your page code?
We've got you covered.

Here are the quick steps:

1. Get the code snippet from the hagrid dashboard

hagrid code snippet

2. Add it to the Head Code in “Custom Code” section of your Project Settings.

3. Add a <div> with class="hagrid" to your page, where you would like to have the hagrid widget. Just copy this:

<div class='hagrid'></div>

That's it!
You now have the hagrid widget on your webpage.

If you have any questions, ask us below or chat with us.

Pro Tip

hagrid can be added to as many pages as you like. The widget will know which page it is on (unique by URL) and only display questions and answers from that page.

see hagrid in action.

ask us anything you'd like, we're using hagrid to put this FAQ up